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Delete Formlet

Formlets provides the capability for you to easily Delete your Formlet. We allow you to do this in multiple locations throughout the application.

Use one of the following options to Delete your Formlet:

Option 1

From the Formlet Dashboard, to individually delete a Formlet.

Hover over the Settings button in the same row as your Formlet name.
Select Delete Formlet from the menu.

Option 2

From the Formlet Dashboard, to delete multiple Formlets.

Click the checkbox next to each Formlet name that you want to change.
A menu of options will appear in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
Select Delete to delete your Formlet.

Option 3

From the Formlet Builder, select the Formlet tab and scroll to the bottom.
Select Permanently Delete Formlet to delete your Formlet.

Option 4

Select your Account Name from the top right corner of the Formlet Dashboard.
Select Archive Formlets.
Select Delete next to archived Formlet you would like to delete.